My goal is to empower merchants to sell more through practical and “actionable insights”.

If you are like me, you are hungry to learn how to be more effective. The good news is we live in a day and age where satisfying this is easier than ever—except most of what we read is someone else’s story or words. The Continental Divide with this is how do I make this my own? We see others who are successful in their endeavor, but we need to translate that into our success.

I have the same challenge. Practical advice is some of the most difficult to give as we need to put ourselves in others shoes and think accordingly.

The reason for the podcast

Back in 2011 when I started in my current primary line of work, I found myself in the typical starting point of the learning curve. While there was much material that was readily available, I struggled with how to make that work for me.

That was until I found a mentor. This person gave me great advice that helped me through some challenging situations. I was so impacted by Lee Saferite that I made it my own mission to likewise freely share my knowledge.

While this podcast is in a different line of thinking than what I was doing back in 2011, the reason for it hasn’t changed. I want to share my personal experiences and stories from others in an impactful and actionable way.


Unlike celebrities (which I am not), I am available and would love to answer your questions. Who knows, your question might make it onto the podcast? Or, maybe you personally would be a part? Either way, feel free to reach out and chat.

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